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Twin Weight Index  (TWN) this is a unique system for increasing the strength indicators of your basic trainings. Every athlete of iron sports once rests against the limits of their strength capabilities. But these limits are most often just an illusion caused by the monotony of training tactics. We will teach you how to overcome muscle tolerance in order to break through invisible barriers and strive for new strength indicators in heavy sports. Do you want to double the weight of the barbell in the bench press? Come with us!


The complex consists of 12 workouts lasting 60 minutes. The price is for the whole complex of trainings. Special workouts are narrowly focused workout complexes for solving specific problems. From rapid fat burning to stretching, from developing coordination to mastery of the rope, from mastery of the horizontal bar to self-defense. Everything you would like to master, you will easily find among our special trainings.


As usual, you work in a ZOON video conference with your trainer, whom we will select after an interview with you. After registration and payment, you will receive all instructions by e-mail.



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