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Physical Extended Action (PEA).  is a new author's technique of volumetric power work for all muscle groups. Pumping has always differed from the strategy of stretching muscles with more advanced results, crowned with beautiful relief and venosity. This is not an easy but very correct way to improve your body. Less pain and fatigue, higher results! This is a medium intensive training program, you need to spend quite a bit of time on training.The complex consists of 4 workouts lasting 40 minutes.


The price is for the whole complex of trainings.Special workouts are narrowly focused workout complexes for solving specific problems. From rapid fat burning to stretching, from developing coordination to mastery of the rope, from mastery of the horizontal bar to self-defense. Everything you would like to master, you will easily find among our special trainings.


As usual, you work in a ZOON video conference with your trainer, whom we will select after an interview with you. After registration and payment, you will receive all instructions by e-mail.



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